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Club presentation night Dinner with speakers at Golf club 7.00 pm Saturday 21st November 2015 Night comprises welcome...

Posted by Carrick Angling Club on Wednesday, 21 October 2015

29th August 2015:

After 45 years in the club Mr Harry Gray has finally won the McCreath cup with a 4lb 7oz grilse caught on the garden fly, our sole contribution towards the interclub challenge with Drumgrange and Kiers, who went away with a bag weight of 11lb 4 oz and a win on the Girvan leg. The opposition win was mainly due to Mr Kean who landed a 9lb 2oz salmon. There were a few fish showing at different parts of the river and several fish lost by both teams which would have given a different picture to the tie. These anglers went home disappointed with themselves, but aim to rectify those errors on the Doon leg in October. Thanks to all the guys and gall who took part and had a bit of banter throughout the day making it a bit easier for those who messed up.

Mike Hornsby winner17th July 2015:

Mike Hornsby with this 13lb beauty caught on fly, first fish from club waters this season. Well done Mike. Now with some water we might get some fishing done this weekend for the Clnl Grant Cup

23rd May 2015:

The club were away at Belston fishery for the trout leg of the dancer points trophy. Winner R McBride , 2nd G McGuire, 3rd S McVicar, with all catching. It was a good day with G McGuire taking a slim lead in the points thanks to the bonus points awarded , and G Todd landing the heaviest fish of the day. There are 5 points splitting the top five.

Gordon todd winner17th May 2015:

D&T Broomhill Fishery coarse fishing competition on the Carp Water today in the wind & rain, well done to those that caught carp for the first time, everyone fished with Method Feeders

Overall Winner: Gordon Todd 18lb 13oz (peg 3)

Section 1: Marty Tonner 13lb 12oz (peg 18)

Section 2: Davey Hamilton (default) 9lb 9oz (peg 24)

5th April 2015:

First competition over at the club reservoir. Spring competition junior winner master D Taylor with 8 fish; 2nd master H Hill with 5 fish.

Senior competition sponsored by Purdies fruit and veg: Winner Mr J McKie 18 fish; 2nd Mr G McGuire 15 fis;h 3rd Mr W Hilliard 11 fish. With 96 fish caught in total from 10 anglers a good day was had by all . heaviest fish sweep Mr J Mckie 4 lb 8oz

9th February 2015: The first working party of the year will be on 22nd February at 10.00 am - meetnig at the disabled access point. We want as many people as possible to please turn up and help your club. Time spent will go towards qualifying for a great free day's fishing event.
18th January 2015 (AGM)

Peter Ross stepped down as President after many years of service to the club. The new president is Harry Gray, and vice president is Rab McCluskey.

Your Club Needs Your Help: The new Works Convener is Mike Hornsby. Would anyone who can help Mike at any time with some strimming, tidying, bench making, etc. please contact him on 01655 882340 to arrange a convenient work party session. Last year we lost revenue from day tickets because a large part of our river bank was too overgrown to allow fishing, and of course you lost bank availability too.

To put this right in 2015 we need the help of as many members as possible. Instead of the same few every time, we want more members helping out. If you are not fit enough for the heavy work, you can help by taking fuel cans to strimmer operators, saving them precious time, or other lightweight jobs.

Please call Mike on 01655 882340 and volunteer for a couple of hours here and there - it is your club and you can help make it a better one. Plus, of course you can qualify for competing in the Biopolymer cup, which is a free competition for those who have put in 12 hours or more during the season. It is a great day out with some fun fishing and a BBQ.

Christmas Quaich winner28th December 2014

Janice Todd Xmas Quaich winner Mr Gordon McGuire sponsored by Wm Grant distillers.

12th October 2014

Sea fishing away day at Stranraer harbour. 1st: R McCluskey; 2nd: D Hamilton; 3rd: R McBride. Heaviest fish: R McCluskey. Overall points winner: R McBride

Broomhill away day 9th October 2014

Colonel Grant Cup winner Jim Devlin with his fish, caught on a red n black devon minnow at the disabled access.Verified by Rab McCluskey. Weight approximately 6lb. Returned

7th September 2014

Adult reservoir competition (Match the hatch). Gordon McGuire had two fish for the day and won. Four anglers took part but no one else managed to catch.

16th August 2014
Broomhill away day

A hard days fishing in terrible weather for the Biopolymer work party away day trophy. 6 fished and Master Richard Todd was triumphant with his famous cry heard by all ( Harry, you got a fish yet?). Nearly at his cost though, with Harry taking the lead with the help of his 6lb 7oz specimen until Richard replied with his own specimen at 6lb 15 oz helping him to the heaviest bag win, and also a clean sweep with the heaviest fish. Thanks to our hosts Tommy and Dell for their hospitality and barbecue after the match .

1st Richard Todd 12lb 7oz (peg 18)
2nd Harry Gray 8lb 9oz (peg 12)
3rd Gordon Todd 7lb 8oz (peg 7)

Heaviest Fish:
Richard Todd 6lb 15oz
Harry Gray 6lb 7oz

Unlucky to Colin McGeorge who fished from Peg 16 and dropped Broomzilla (THE KOI CARP) @ the net - he would have picked up over £300 !!

Broomhill away day 25th May 2014

Mixed weather, including torrential rain and thunderstorms, made the fishing very difficult for the D & T security trophy at Broomhill Fishery today. 1st Place went to Gordon Todd, with 3lbs 14 ozs. Gordon also won the sweep for the heaviest fish. 2nd place went to Rab McBride with 2 lbs 14 ozs, and 3rd place went to new member Steve McVicar with 2 lbs 2 ozs.

20th May 2014:
Rab McBride's fish at the first away day of the year, on May 18th at Belston Fishery. A brown trout caught on the fly, weighing in at 3 lbs.

away day winner
picture of Grants Quaich

6th May 2014:
In celebration of 50 years at Girvan Distillery William Grant and Sons have donated a Quaich trophy for the adult spring reservoir competition. The trophy was presented by Eilidh Osborne to Vice President Harry Gray and Secretary/Treasurer Gordon Todd

picture of Richard Todd

6th April 2014:
Congratulations to Richard Todd who spent four hours fighting high winds to land 11 fish in the junior spring comp. Adult winners were: 1st: W Hilliard (13 fish); 2nd: A McDowall (11 fish); 3rd: C Robertson( 8 fish). A total of 74 fish were caught by all anglers

7th February:
Please see the diary page for details of available spraying and brush cutter training courses. Also, Meryl Norris will be giving a Biosecurity kit demonstration at the spring res competition at 10 am. Please come along for the demonstration even if you are not entering the competition, as Meryl is giving up her Sunday to do this for us.

picture of Allan McDowall

30th January 2014:
This year Allan McDowall is the Works Convener and anyone interested in joining a work party on a Wednesday evening should contact Allan to make arrangements.

December 2013:
The plans for the new fishery have been approved by South Ayrshire Council at last. The next stage is to prepare a business plan and acquire funding.