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Carrick Angling Club Rules

Club Rules

  1. All members must complete a GYRODACTYLUS SALARIS form & return to club secretary before fishing river Girvan.
  2. All salmon caught before 31st May must be returned.
  3. All hen fish must be returned during month of October.
  4. All richly coloured or gravid fish must be returned
  5. Sea trout restricted to one fish per angler per day all fish under 14” & over 3 ½ lb to be returned salmon restricted to under 15lb .Dispensation for club competitions only see comp rules.
  6. Salmon restricted to one fish per angler per day , 6 per season dispensation for club competitions only see comp rules.
  7. Restrict maximum lure size to 100mm/ 4” approx body size with maximum 2 off size 4 treble hooks.
  8. Be aware of safety on & around river.
  9. Must inform secretary on all sea trout / salmon catches within 24 hours
  10. Consumption of alcohol is deterred on club waters, alcohol marked vessels are prohibited on CAC beats of river Girvan.
  11. Anglers must be in contact with rod at all times whilst fishing

Biopolymer trophy

Members who carry out 12 hours or more qualify for this away to be fished at selected fishery rules .

Elsie Hornsby balloted pairs points trophy

Members who wish to enter will be paired by ballot All legal sized fish caught on river will be awarded points brown trout 1pt , sea trout 2pt , salmon 3pt . all fish must be informed and photo or witnessed to be entered to secretary same day .Highest accumulated points pairing shall be deemed winners in case of tie highest individual score will split tie .

Presidents trophy

To be fished at venue of presidents choice to venue rules

Dancer points trophy

To be fished over 4 venues with individual day prizes awarded and overall highest points to be declard trophy winner, points awarded as winner 12 then decending 2nd 11 and so on. Bonus points heaviest fish 5pts then decending , 1 point per fish caught up to maximum of 5 pts .

Pay weekly Wednesday sweep points

Most fish wins sweep with 1st fish weight deciding a tie. Most points over 6 sweeps wins trophy . in case of tie most fish wins then heaviest 1st fish weights if required

C.A.C Heaviest salmon shield & C.A.C First Salmon shield / Sam Martin shield fly caught G McGuire shield spin / bait caught

Both Competitions require members to photograph entered fish with date and time , or to contact a committee member to verify weight of entered fish into aforementioned competition . All entries require to be confirmed by a committee member.

Any angler entering the competitions shall comply with all the rules or risk disqualification .

The competition conveners decision is final.

Competition winners are required to collect prize & trophy at club presentation evening. Sponsors for each competition shall provide a prize . Non attendance shall forfeit sponsor’s prize , unless reasonable apology for absence received by committee prior to presentation evening .

Reservoir competitions

The angler with the most fish shall be declared the winner. The angler with the heaviest fish shall win the sweep . Touching the leader line shall be deemed as a landed fish for anglers not wanting to land fish and release in water .

First fish caught to be entered into sweep if participating in sweep. In the event of two anglers tying at the end of the competition, there will be a fish of for 30 mins , if after 30 mins there is still no winner , the next fish caught will decide the winner.


(Glendrissaig & Pinmacher)

  1. Fly only to be used on reservoirs using barbless hooks no ground baiting , sweet corn & powerbait prohibited .
  2. Glendrissaig is open all year (except after stocking where fishing is prohibited for one week when reservoir is closed
  3. Pinmacher with brown trout only , opens on 1st April til 7th October & is catch & release dry fly only .
  4. Members must carry their membership books and badges to be displayed at all times , and show these on demand by wardens .
  5. Members are requested not to pollute waters in any way or to litter banks with rubbish , bins are provided for use .
  6. All fish under 12 “ / 300mm must be returned alive .
  7. Anglers must keep dogs under control at all times and have a leash if required.
  8. Anglers are asked to take care whilst fishing the wall side & be aware of traffic and cyclists passing on the road whilst casting .
  9. Alcoholic beverages are deterred , alcoholic marked containers are prohibited on reservoirs.
  10. Members are restricted to 1 fish per day . All brown trout must be released any throat caught fish cut leader and release.

Club competition rules Dispensation for club competitions (reservoir)

Only during club competitions is it permitted to kill more than one fish.

Members are asked to keep check on Notice board at disabled access for competition updates. The notice board will keep an update on entries for heaviest salmon shield & all other river competitions.

For heaviest salmon shield if a member has already killed a fish during their days fishing then catch a large fish which they think is large enough to be entered into heaviest fish shield they are permitted to kill this fish,

We ask members to check notice board for record of heaviest fish recorded prior to fishing .we would prefer the fish to be measured and photo took with tape This is to ensure that extra fish are not killed that don’t meet required weight for competition.

There is no dispensation for a seventh fish being killed during season


Sea Trout Competition

This competition is for salmon and sea trout , where a sea trout is priority over a salmon , a salmon shall only be counted if no sea trout are caught or bag weights are equal with sea trout winner being the person with the heaviest sea trout then going to heaviest overall bag if required. If not won it may be carried over weekly till end of month then last week of month . Any legal style of fishing permitted

McCreath cup and Dalquarron cup

Both competitions are for salmon only .

Colonel Grants cup

This competition is for salmon and sea trout . Sea trout must be at least 1.5lbs to qualify .

In all 4 competitions the angler with the heaviest bag shall be declared the winner . The angler with the heaviest fish shall win the sweep . In the event of no winner on competition day , the competition will be fished on each following Wednesday and Saturday until the last week of the month, where it will be finished each day of the week. If there is still no winner and if unable to be rescheduled between remaining competitions for the season it will be declared as not won for that year .

Competition updates will be on notice board at drumrannie car park

Exchange tickets

CAC have exchange tickets with Kirkmichael angling club, Stranraer association, Drum grange & Keirs angling club, Castle douglas river urr.

Members wishing to use these tickets please contact club secretary .


Telephone AYR (01292)294000 OR 0800-807060 (Request a reference no from them.)

It is important that after reporting the incident to SEPA you inform the club secretary of :

  • the details of the incident
  • the date and time reported to SEPA
  • the reference No given by SEPA
  • who attended from SEPA

This allows the club to follow up all pollution incidents reported by our members