The river opens on 25th February and closes on 31st October. The reservoir is open all year round

Camreggan Habitat Project - page 1

Carrick Angling Club - Camreggan Project

Update:The project aim's were to repair all the erosion in the area plus build a footpath all along the top bung, also to repair the 10 meters of erosion to the riverbank.

The project is now completed and open to Anglers, Ramblers, Bird watchers, Nature enthusiasts and the general public - to let them see wildlife in its own habitat.

The project has taken about two and a half years since first discussed at one of our A.G.M's. There were also lots of telephone calls, meetings and emails with local farmers / the Ayrshire rivers trust / Ailsa Horizons / The River Girvan Salmon Fishery Board as well as S.E.P.A. We thank them all for all their experience and help in leading us in the right direction.

C.A.C. committee would like to give a huge thanks to all who donated to this project, especially The Hadyard hill community fund, Mr Paton and his family from Cairnhill farm, Barr construction, N.H.S. Ayrshire, and Nestle. Also a huge thanks to the Ailsa Horizons team and the River Girvan Salmon Fishery Board for all their help and support