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New Fishery Project - page 1

New Fishery Project - Fishery, Clubhouse, Parking, Disabled access, Fishing platforms, and Toilets

December 2013: Good news! South Ayrshire Council have at last approved our plans. The next stage is to raise funding for the project.

The fishery development came about due to the threatened closure and demolition of the clubs current fishery at Glendrissaig reservoir - due toScottish water cutting back on redundant facilities in the current climate of soaring costs. A members special meeting in june of 2009 was attended by Scottish water who informed the members of the forthcoming plans for the reservoir and what the club would be required to do if we were to purchase the reservoir. The running costs due to location and age of supply pipes etc were not cost effecient and the members voted on looking at a new fishery .

Several sites were offered from local landowners, the most practical and accesible site was agreed to be 2 and a half acre site at Drumrannie burn. After negotiations the club managed to get the site on a long term lease. Earth testing results - to see how deep down we had to dig before we reached the clay bed - were very positive for the club.

Design of the site was carried out by the committee and assistance from a local architect who has been a godsend for the project by carrying out surveys and drawing up the plans for the clubhouse and fishery.

The club's new proposals and plans have been drawn up and at the moment we are working very close with South Ayrshire Council and Ailsa Horizons .

We would like to thank all involved in helping the club receive £4,000 from Carrick Futures.This grant will be for the clubhouse plans lodged with South Ayrshire Council planning department and the environmental assesment report, which is being carried out by the Ayrshire rivers trust at the moment. The report is a 3 week study of all the plant life, wild life, and insect life that is in the area at the moment, once this is completed the club can decide how to proceed to the next stage.

The club aim is to provide a fishery with clubhouse for guests , club meetings ,educational use and the development of fishing. The project has been designed for disabled access with fishing platforms , hard stand paths and disabled toilet facilities , car parking facilities . Tuition and guidance shall be available from the club to new comers and hopefully will attract more visitors to the local community

We will add more info and pics to this page as the project progresses